Are you wondering how to get the most of your Fourth of July weekend?  We’ve created a board on Pinterest that has over 50 great ideas to celebrate your favorite Patriotic Holiday.


Here are some of our favorites:

- Looking for a festive slime recipe?  Look no further than this recipe which uses glitter and food coloring to create a multi-colored slime that your kids can enjoy for hours.

- Are your kids afraid of loud noises? Lalymom offers some tips on how to help your kids get over their fear.

- Layered drinks are fun to make but can contain a lot of sugar.  This mom came up with a healthier alternative using almond milk and fruit to create a fun colored smoothie.

- These tie dye shirts   are fun to make and are a one of a kind design.

- If you’re still craving something sweet, these festive popsicles are easy to make and fun to look at.


Which of these activities are you going to try this weekend?