Being a parent with a school aged child during Valentine’s Day means that you will most likely end up with the responsibility of ensuring that your child has enough Valentines for the whole class and probably also helping them to make their Valentine Mailbox too.  We know you’re stretched thin as it is and need some time to breathe every now and then.

Here are some activities to help keep your child busy after school:

Use a heart shaped sponge (just cut up a kitchen sponge) to make homemade Valentines that are unique and personalized.

Have your child start writing to a pen pal through their school.  This can be a great way to teach them about other cultures.

Use white crayon and watercolor paints to create secret messages that only you can reveal.

Use a 14 Acts of Love activity to treat Valentine’s Day as an act of service and show your children the importance of giving back. Plus, the whole family can get involved with this activity!

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?