12 02, 2014

Seven Secrets of Shifty Shape Recognition

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For the month of February we’re going to be focusing on Shape Recognition to correlate with Valentine’s Day.

Shape Recognition is another important part of a child’s cognitive development.  Children as young as two can begin shape recognition exercises and then increase in difficulty as they become more knowledgeable and better able to identify shapes.  There are three basic phases of learning shapes: matching, identifying and naming.  We’re going to be listing exercises for each phase so your child will […]

5 02, 2014

Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day?

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Being a parent with a school aged child during Valentine’s Day means that you will most likely end up with the responsibility of ensuring that your child has enough Valentines for the whole class and probably also helping them to make their Valentine Mailbox too.  We know you’re stretched thin as it is and need some time to breathe every now and then.

Here are some activities to help keep your child busy after school:

Use a heart shaped sponge (just […]

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    New Year, New Plan – How to Reset Your Child’s Goals for School

10 01, 2014

New Year, New Plan – How to Reset Your Child’s Goals for School

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Typically people associate New Year’s with New Year’s Resolutions.  The bad thing about New Year’s Resolutions is that they are all but forgotten about come February 1st.  Instead, we should be focusing our energy on resetting our goals and expectations for our children.  Maybe your child is a procrastinator who notoriously waits until the last second to start on a major project.  Maybe your child always forgets to turn in their homework, even when they’ve completed it.

We’ve compiled some […]