mountrushmore.byAGudePresident’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday each February, and most young children only know it as a day off of school. Although this holiday was originally created to honor George Washington’s birthday, it has evolved in many states to include Abraham Lincoln, and in some states the holiday honors Thomas Jefferson, our third President. This holiday is a perfect opportunity to teach your children about all of the Presidents of the United States, and have some fun doing so. Here are a few activities!

1. There are different accounts to the validity of this tale, but everyone knows the story about Washington chopping down the cherry tree and being honest and telling his father it was him. A fun activity is to draw or paint a cherry tree and talk with your child about being truthful.

2. Lincoln abolished slavery, and a great way to teach children about this President is to talk about advocating for others. An easy craft project is to take a toilet paper roll and a paper plate to create a pencil holder in the shape of Lincoln’s top hat.

lift-learn-usa-map-puzzle (1)3. Teach your children all of the President’s names in their order of service, or show them money and talk about which President in on which coin or bill and why.

4. President’s Day is also a great time to teach children more about United States Geography. Help your child learn the 50 states and capitals with our Lift and Learn USA Map Puzzle, and our Find It! USA (shown) in our Puzzle Doubles! line.

It’s always fun to get a day off school, but it’s also important to learn about the reason we have these special holidays. These activities help make it more fun not just for your children, but for you too!