Creative Commons photo by stevendepolo via Flickr.

Creative Commons photo by stevendepolo via Flickr.

The smell of turkey and pumpkin pie is in the air- Thanksgiving is coming up soon! Many family traditions revolve around holidays such as Thanksgiving. It’s the perfect time to get together and celebrate with family and friends. Many families live far apart, so holidays are an important time to gather. It is also a perfect time to celebrate special traditions your family might have. After all, you are probably having Thanksgiving turkey because you grew up with the tradition, too.

There are many additional benefits to having traditions in your family, whether they are during a specific holiday or not. Holidays are the most common time, but family traditions can happen any time during the year. Some benefits of having traditions are:

* Cultural Value: Many families celebrate in line with a certain culture or religion, and it teaches children about their core family values. Eventually they can pass these things on to their children.

* Feeling Useful: Sometimes older children feel out of place in their world, especially when they reach the age where theyare stuck in between childhood and adulthood, not knowing if they should be playing or helping make dinner.  Think back to when you were a child, it can be quite a feeling of loss, not knowing what they can do or how they can help. Many holidays involve tasks and roles for family members. Perhaps one child can decorate the Thanksgiving table, and another child can help make the pumpkin pie.

* Creating a Stable Environment: Traditions (holiday or otherwise) are consistent, and can be comforting to kids, especially in busy families. Traditions help families to reconnect year after year, and can help children feel grounded and secure.

A few more benefits of having traditions can be found here. What traditions do you share with your family? How do you involve your children so perhaps they can pass on these traditions when they are adults? We would love to know, share with us in the comments. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!