Well, maybe not exactly, but you clicked on the link right?  Just kidding.  Sensory play can actually help during early childhood development.  Allowing children the ability to use their senses to collect data and process information teaches them the importance of the scientific process while strengthening their neurological pathways.  It’s a fun excuse to let your child get messy and have a lot of fun while doing so!

This pudding play activity is a great introduction to sensory play for younger children and it’s edible too so it’s safe for babies and toddlers.  Just use pudding (or yogurt) and colored ice cubes to create a unique texture that your child will love.

If you like things that glow in the dark and you’re lactose intolerant, then this glowing magic milk experiment is right up your alley.  It also has a scientific element to it.  Using dish soap to interact with the molecules in milk, you can teach your kids about surface tension and equilibrium.

This homemade paint recipe looks like a smoothie and it only requires two ingredients: tempura paint and shaving cream.  So easy and fun!


Growing up, didn’t we all want to be slimed on Nickelodeon?

Well, with this slime bucket activity you can slime your kid which is the next best thing.