With the holiday season come merry greetings, overeating, and for many, some good portion of traveling.

Whether you are in the snow piles of New England, wet rains of the Northwest, dry deserts of Arizona or across the pond in Europe and Asia, we wish you safe travels this festive season wherever you roam.

During this Holiday season, many children alike are taking breaks from the classroom to home, including many joining your family’s trek to see grannies, aunts, uncles, cousins and more. Whether you’re traveling by bus, train, car of plane, learning moments are all around us.

Throughout the family travels your little one might be eager as ever, absorbing all of what’s around them away from formal learning but always asking and yearning for answers of life’s little mysteries.

When traveling, feeding a hungry brain is often the best medicine for bridging gaps and leaping bounds in your children’s growing zeal to learn.

Among our products are the perfect tools to go along with your little one as they travel with you. Here are the following Toys and products that your little one will be engaged with no matter how long your travels are this year!



  1. Active Play: Magnetic Sets Ages 3+; The Learning Journey offers three variants of this unique, portable, yet study magnetic board that helps your child learn all numerous subject on spelling and learning, shapes, tactile skills, math, and so much more!


  1. Magnetic Spell and Learn.  If you want your little one warm and ready for going back to school, your child will be engaged for hours developing early vocab, spelling and phonic skills through this easy  stow-away toy that your child will love learning along the journey with. Packed with interlocking upper case letters, words cards, and easy storage components, your child will be learning to read and explore in real time wherever they are!


  1. Magnetic Count & Learn: If you have a little math whiz in your family this traveling season, this one is just the fix! Packed with 40 interlocking magnetic numbers, symbols, equation cards and handy a storing compartment, your kiddo will be counting and exploring the functions of math.


  1. Magnetic Make A Shape: For your visual learners and little artists, this one is just the set to paint their imagination with! Packed with over 40 shape oriented pieces, 17 puzzle cards and easy storage capability, your child with learn to problem solves in ways they never imagined!



These award-winning products are just few of the many ways for your little traveler to explore in more ways than just sitting along for the ride. Your child will also learn to take care of these toys, learning responsibility of cleaning up and taking care of what theirs. Learning and travel, two mighty fixings this season to bring reason for growing minds and responsibility year-round!