Thanksgiving is a time for food and family but what do you do when you have picky little eaters?  It can be hard to find kid friendly recipes around the holidays that are also healthy and fun.   All of these recipes put a fun twist on eating and are easy enough that your child could assist in making them.

Veggie pizza leaves – This recipe uses Pillsbury crescent rolls and cream cheese to create a fun and healthy pizza that kids can help make.  If your child is resistant to vegetables, this might be a new way for them to try different types of veggies.

Baby food – Want a way to incorporate your baby into the meal?  This website has some great recipes on how to turn your Thanksgiving meal into a baby appropriate meal.  Who knew you could make baby friendly pumpkin pie so easily?

Plymouth Rock Cookies – These Plymouth Rock cookies are not only tasty but also allow for you to teach your child about Plymouth Rock and the Pilgrims.

Sushi Rolls – This recipe makes leftovers exciting by serving them up as sushi rolls.


How do you please picky eaters in your family?