magnetic-make-a-shape-boardThe summer is winding down, and many parents are looking toward (and possibly forward to) their kids going back to school. Some are even getting one last family trip in. Keeping the kids happy during a road trip or on a plane can be a struggle.

Our magnetic learning boards are awesome travel companions that get your children ready for the upcoming school year while entertaining them during long waits in lines, in the car or during a flight. Choose from Spell and Learn, Count and Learn, and our newest edition, the Make a Shape Board, to help them brush up on spelling, counting and tangrams.

+ Spell and Learn: Learning to spell has never been this much fun! The Magnetic Spell and Learn Board will help your child focus on developing early vocabulary, spelling and basic phonics skills.

+ Count and Learn: This board provides the perfect space for your child to practice their mathematic and counting skills. This learning tool will help your child build important basic skills in readiness and mathematics.

+ Make a Shape Board: Children of all ages will find Magnetic Make a Shape fascinating as they discover the world of tangrams. This board will teach children about transformation, conceptualizing, problem solving and creativity. Your child will have hours of interactive learning fun creating new objects out of fun shapes.

All of our magnetic boards feature interlocking pieces, and a handy storage compartment. You are sure to have a smooth ride to your destination with any or all of these magnetic boards. Order yours today.