National Hobby Month: The Art of a Hobby

Father and Son Bonding as they build a Marble Mania Set- Photo Credit:David Proudfoot








This month of January Marks National Hobby month, a day to reflect on an activity or interest pursued by enjoyment. For many, hobbies begin at a young age allowing a collection of ideas, works, and imagination to grow throughout the years.

Some hobbies continue to intensify with greater interest and involvement, leading to future careers while others are simply out of sheer pleasure. Any way you look at a specific hobby, it keeps the mind intact and engaged.

In fact, studies  have shown that developing hobbies can help you children with a series of benefits such as developing  patience, learning to manage both personal and professional skills throughout life among other strong attributions beneficial to success.

When it comes to continuing to build even a stronger foundation for our youth, mentoring and nurturing through activates such as a hobby turns out to be extremely valuable for the physical and emotional development of a child per studies.

“Engaging with your child is important during the formative years more than ever “The strong interpersonal connectedness and social skills that children learn from having active, healthy engagements with adults fosters positive psychological development,” said lead study author Mark F. Lenzenweger, a distinguished professor of clinical science, neuroscience and cognitive psychology at Binghamton University, State University of New York. “With it, a child develops his or her affiliation system — their connection to the world of people. Without it, the way a child connects with other human beings can be severely impaired. And as I found out, it is this impairment that predicts the appearance of schizoid personality disorder symptoms in emerging adulthood and beyond.”

With studies backing the significance of hobbies in the lives of young minds, why not start your own hobby with your child?  The learning journey offers learning products for every early developmental stage in children.

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