2 04, 2014

A Few Eggcelent Recipes for Easter

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Are you struggling to come up with some creative Easter recipes?

Have no fear because these four recipes are creative and easy to make in a jif.


This Easter Bunny smoothie is healthy and only needs eight ingredients.

This Bunny Trail mix is the perfect treat to leave out for the Easter bunny.

These Easter eggs nests are simple and really cute.

If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can enjoy these hot cross buns on Good Friday.

5 12, 2013

Holiday recipes – Sweet Holiday Treats

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The holidays are a time for families to come together but also a great excuse to make some fun and festive dishes.  Maybe you have a family favorite dish that you only make around the holidays.  In our family, Swedish Meatballs is a holiday treat.  All of the kids would help the adults make the meatballs.

If you don’t have a family signature recipe, consider some of these kid friendly recipes.  They’re colorful, cheerful and just plain fun!  You could […]

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    How to Please Picky Eaters at Thanksgiving Once and For All!

2 11, 2013

How to Please Picky Eaters at Thanksgiving Once and For All!

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Thanksgiving is a time for food and family but what do you do when you have picky little eaters?  It can be hard to find kid friendly recipes around the holidays that are also healthy and fun.   All of these recipes put a fun twist on eating and are easy enough that your child could assist in making them.

Veggie pizza leaves – This recipe uses Pillsbury crescent rolls and cream cheese to create a fun and healthy pizza that […]

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