For the month of February we’re going to be focusing on Shape Recognition to correlate with Valentine’s Day.

Shape Recognition is another important part of a child’s cognitive development.  Children as young as two can begin shape recognition exercises and then increase in difficulty as they become more knowledgeable and better able to identify shapes.  There are three basic phases of learning shapes: matching, identifying and naming.  We’re going to be listing exercises for each phase so your child will be able to participate no matter what level of learning they are at.

Matching – In the matching phase, a child is able to find the matching shape when shown an example. Ex: When a teacher holds up a circle, the child is able to find another circle.

Exercise – Shape Hopscotch: Use sidewalk chalk to draw out a hopscotch pattern using shapes and then on a poster board or whiteboard, draw a pattern using the shapes for your child to follow.  For example, they must hop through the circle, triangle, square and circle.

Tool –Use The Learning Journey’s Shape Shuffle to assist with matching shapes.  Children can use the puzzle to match the shape pieces to their coordinating spots on the picture.

Identifying – This step focuses on the ability to point out a shape when named.  Ex:  The teacher asks the child to show her a square and the child holds up a square.

Exercise – Shape Stamping Art: Use everyday household objects for this activity.  Ask your child to find an object that matches a shape and use that item to create a painting.

Tool – Lift and Learn Colors and Shapes can assist your child with identifying shapes and colors.  Ask your child to find a certain shape or color on the puzzle.  The picture below the puzzle will let your child know if he/she is correct in their guess.

Naming – In this step, the child is able to name the shape when asked.

Exercise – Use a worksheet and let your child write the names of the shapes that they see.

Tool – Use our Shape Shuffle game again but this time hold up shapes and ask your child to name them before using them in the picture.


When did you start shape recognition activities with your child?