The holidays are a time for families to come together but also a great excuse to make some fun and festive dishes.  Maybe you have a family favorite dish that you only make around the holidays.  In our family, Swedish Meatballs is a holiday treat.  All of the kids would help the adults make the meatballs.

If you don’t have a family signature recipe, consider some of these kid friendly recipes.  They’re colorful, cheerful and just plain fun!  You could even make the Grinch Floats to coincide with having a Movie Night and watching “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

Christmas Candy Munch Mix – Combine popcorn with M&M’s to get a vibrant and easy snack.

Grinch Floats – Use Lime Sherbet and Sprite to create a yummy, fizzy drink.

Crockpot Hot Chocolate – Who would ever think to make hot chocolate in a crock pot? Not I!  It’s a simple recipe and great for cold and chilly nights curled up by a fire.

Peppermint Kiss Sugar Cookies – If you love peppermint, these cookies will hit the spot.

Do you have any family dishes you make around the holidays?