Earlier this month I had a chance to speak with Kathy Donaldson who is one of the founders of Arizona Helping Hands.

-   What is Arizona Helping Hands? Arizona Helping Hands is a non-profit organization that assists anyone who is low-income, in need and is currently on AHCCCS or WIC.  AZHH is strictly funded based on private donations along with a few grants that they receive.  Working on a $300,000 yearly budget they are able to help approximately 5 people a day, 125 families a month.  They do this all while maintaining very low overhead.  Typically less than 5% of their budget goes to operating and administrative expenses.

-          How does The Learning Journey assist in that goal? The Learning Journey has been working with AZHH since their inception in 1998.  We provide year round toy donations as well as cash donations and also participate in AZHH’s two yearly events at the Boojum Tree and their golf tournament.

-          What is the best way for someone to get involved with Arizona Helping Hands?

Anyone can reach out to the organization via Facebook, Email, their CPS worker or by visiting www.azhelpinghands.org.