Vroom-vroom! We are on the move this month at The Learning Journey! It’s transportation month!

Kids love playing with cars, trucks, and planes, and it encourages fantasy play about travel. The Learning Journey International has all of these items, and we take it one step further. Your kids will learn about numbers and shapes as they play. For the month of October all of our transportation toys are now 10% off, with free shipping on any purchase over $50! Here are a few of the items we carry that are on sale this month, and you can see all of our items right here:


* Remote Control Shape Sorter: Jumbo the Jet Plane: Fasten your seat belt and become a pilot as you learn about shapes with this fun filled toy! Jumbo the Jet Shape Sorter Remote Control Airplane is an interactive plane that guides your child through learning their colors and shapes while having tons of fun.


* On The Go Dump Truck: Kids will have loads of fun playing with this interactive, free-wheel toy dump truck. As On The Go Dump Truck rolls along it plays melodies, has a fun little driver that bobs up and down, and eyes that move from side to side. This entertaining dump truck also features a working dump bucket and interactive buttons that play sounds and melodies.


* Remote Control Shape Sorter: Animal Express Train: All aboard the Animal Express Train and learn about animal shapes and colors! Animal Express Train has three play modes – Learn the Color and Animal Shapes, and Find It! that are played by simply inserting the plastic animal shapes into their proper slots. Mode three allows your child to control the train by using the infrared remote control to move the train forward and backward. While the train chugs along it plays melodies, the wheels move and the nose blinks.

You can see all of the transportation toys on sale this month right here (will link to sale). You don’t have to take a car, plane, or train to visit us- just click the link!