Halloween is a time for all things scary and spooky to go bump in the night.  It should be a night of fun and celebration not one of fear and worry, especially for parents.  Luckily, there are apps parents can use to help track their children on Halloween night.  An app called “Trick or Tracker” allows parents to link their phone with their child’s phone and monitor their location through their phone’s GPS.  Parents can set a boundary around their home through the app and when that boundary is crossed they receive a text notification alerting them.  Alerts are also available to notify you when your child has returned home or to enforce a curfew.

If you plan on taking your child trick or treating, you might find the following tips helpful:

-          Make sure all treats are examined before eating.  Only let your child eat items that are factory wrapped.

-          Look both ways before crossing the street.  Don’t walk down dark alleys or side streets.

-          Only visit well-lit homes and never enter a stranger’s home.

-          Keep a safe distance from lit candles or luminaries.

-          Drive carefully in your neighborhood and be on the lookout for trick or treaters.


Have any tips we left out? Please leave them in the comments.

Source – CDC